Designnobis' CEO Hakan Gürsu Gets 'the Designer of the Year Award'! August 11th, 2014 Designnobis' leader Dr. Hakan Gürsu has won the Designer of the Year Award, one of the world's most prestigious awards for design granted by the International Association of Designers!
10 awards in International Design Awards 2013! July 2nd, 2014 Dr. Hakan Gürsu and our team gets 10 awards in IDA this year. Click on image for more details on awarded products.
5 more awards in Green Dot Awards 2013! June 16th, 2014 Dr. Hakan Gürsu and Designnobis team gets 5 awards in Green Dot Awards this year. Click on thumbnail for details on awarded projects, Infinite Light, Creative Wooden Creatures, Solar Rapala, Animal Shelter and Solbooth.
Celebrating Our 100th Design Award! April 17th, 2014 Designnobis is celebrating its 100th design award received in 8 years!
15 awards in A' Design Award 2013! April 16th, 2014 A' Design Award 2013 results are announced! 15 awards are won and with a total of 46 awarded designs, Dr.Hakan Gürsu still holds 1st place in designer rankings, as he was number 1 during last four years, Designnobis is leading team with 169 points to place Turkey 2nd in world rankings!